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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm andrea roane. we begin with a yellow alert for lingering rain today. melissa nord is tracking our weather. >> the showers really put a damper on that morning commute. but at
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the rain pushing out of the area. still a few light showers lingering across parts of southern maryland from leonard town to reedville, clark county. these will be going away over the next couple of hours. by late afternoon we're looking dry with even maybe hints of sunshine coming through in a few spots. 48 now. south-southwest winds and today will be the warmest day of the next several and the foreseeable future. 45 gaithersburg. 42 frederick. in the 30s for martinsburg to havingers town. andrews 48 degrees. lingering showers possible, 1:00, 2:00. by 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 we're starting to see things drying out and even hints of sunshine coming through the clouds. we'll be in the 50s today. but later this week we are talking about low temperatures that could be in the single digits for a few spots and windchills in the afternoon in the teens. we'll
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your seven-day forecast in a bit. police are investigating after a 21-year-old is shot and killed in an up scale area of northwest d.c. last night. no arrests have been made. police are still looking for a suspect and motive. neighbors say when they woke up, they never expected to see crime tape and police cars. wusa9's hillary lane has more. >> reporter: as the sun came up investigators were back at it again, trying to figure out exactly what happened here. in the meantime, neighbors say they can't believe a murder happened on their block. >> it's a very quiet neighborhood. so it's shocking to get up to this news, awful. >> reporter: amal dixon who lives a mile away from the crime scene, is trying to wrap her head around what happened here. police say 21-year-old grant copeland was murdered in a car
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our crew on the scene says he was found in a jaguar. police say the suspect was in the car with the victim. >> no neighborhood should get up to this news. >> reporter: dixon says this is particularly shocking because this is a quiet, jump scale neighborhood with multimillion dollar homes and no crime. in fact, when she saw police she thought -- >> honestly, i thought, oh, a tree must have fell. this is about how exciting it gets around here. >> it's just not normal. not normal for this neighborhood. it's very quiet, peaceful. so this is, you know, very concerning. >> reporter: christine williams, who has lived in the neighborhood 30 years, was shocked to hear the news, too. she says she refuses to live in fear. >> i don't think i'll let this once incident derail me from my regular activity. >> reporter: police removed that jaguar from the scene overnight. authorities are hoping there may be clues to help them figure out what happened here. hillary lane,
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another shooting in the district. this one on t street northeast this morning outside harmony public charter school. police say a man had just dropped off a student when the gunman fired in the victim's car. he was hit in the stomach and arm and went inside to get help. he was conscious and breathing as he was rushed to the hospital. it appears the shooting was domestic in nature. a scare on the red line this morning. two cars with passengers inside separated or de coupled. video was tweeted of passengers being taken off the trains. metro says no one was injured in the incident. as you might imagine it caused delays, but everything is now back to normal. we now know how much this past su
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it cost approximately $860,000 in damage. the primary causes were found to be a wide gauge track defect and deteriorated track ties. three passengers reported injuries. one had to be taken to the hospital. prince william county police need your help finding a suspect wanted in a recent shooting. take a look at your screen. they tell us this man is wanted for two counts of malicious wounding. we're told he was involved in a shooting on forestdale avenue in woodbridge friday. two men were hurt. call police if you have any information. two police officers are in the hospital this morning after they were shot serving a search warrant. it happened in macon, georgia. the georgia bureau of investigation says a drug task force went to a home and when no one answered two officers went inside. that's when someone started shooting at them. the officers were able to
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a man suspected in the fatal shooting of a d.c. teenager the day after thanksgiving is due in court later today. the 30-year-old evans was charged with murder saturday in the death of brianna mcmillan. evans was seen on surveillance video firing a gun near where the 16-year-old was struck by the housing complex. police say evans is a convicted felon and forbidden from owning a gun. also in court this morning a judge will receive an update on katherine hoggle, she's been in custody more than two years, shortly after her two young children disappeared in september 2014. she is currently under psychiatric care. she has only told investigators her children are with a friend. despite numerous searches, no sign of them has ever been found. the judge will ask experts whether she is any closer to becoming competent to stand trial. an ohio board is
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to give its permission for hero astronaut john glenn to lie instate at the state house. the board has called an emergency meeting for today to iron out the final arrangements. glenn was a native of ohio and the first american to orbit the earth. he died last thursday at the age of 95. president obama has ordered u.s. flags at all federal facilities to be flown at half mast until burial. blames of interference by russia in the u.s. elections are putting trump at odds with the u.s. intelligence community. he is pointing the fingers at fingers. in the meantime, mr. trump is reportedly set to announce rex tillerson as the next secretary of state. tillerson is well known for his close ties to russian president putin. kenneth craig has more
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trump is pushing back against the cia's conclusion russia helped elect mr. trump. >> i think it's another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: his remarks conflict with the cia's finings that russia leaked information from the democratics' computers. >> he believes the cia is a political institution and it's not. >> reporter: congress is promising an investigation. >> let me speak for myself, the russians are not our friends. >> reporter: russian prudences also a -- influences also a concern for exxon-mobil's ceo rex tillerson who has ties with
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he's already doing business there. >> reporter: china cruise sized turn. >> i don't know why we have to be bound by one china policy. >> reporter: china's foreign minister department says without one klein, there will be no relationship between the two countries. kenneth craig. shares of lockheed martin took a drop today after trump criticized the fighter plans and said he would cut billions in costs for the purchases. mr.trump blasted the cost of a new air force one last week and ended the tweet with "cancel the order." still ahead on wusa9 news at noon, fake versus real. a new trend is emerging among buyers of holiday christmas trees this
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details ahead. plus, caddyshack at the white house. comedian bill murray in a spirited competition with the putter in chief. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to wusa9 at noon. a stiff sentence for a former congressman from pennsylvania. a judge sentenced him to 10 years for a racketeering scheme that included money laundering and robbery. the judge called the crimes astonishing, given he and his tv anchor wife had a $500,000 annual income that put them at or near the top 1%. he insists the justice department's case is politically motivated. he's set to begin his prison term jan uary25th. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch was in virginia today to visit
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attorney general lynch visited the all dulles area muslim society center in sterling. fbi's statistics released last month show reported hate crimes against muslims rose by 67% in 2015 to their highest number since the aftermath of the september 11th terrorist attacks. >> when one of us is threatened, we all have to speak out regardless of the discomfort it may cause upon us. when one of us is in harm's way, we're all in harm's way. ♪ america, america, ♪ >> at the end of the event, students treated everyone to a rousing rendition of "america the beautiful." charleston church shooter dylann roof is back in a south carolina courtroom this afternoon in the death penalty trial against him. these are sketches from
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the courtroom. that's because in a federal case cameras aren't allowed inside. friday jurors watched the chilly video confession when he said, he had to do it ." and he said he was "racially aware" meaning he sees everything through a racial lens. a fire in montgomery county is still burning four days later. it may take several more days to put it out at the montgomery county resource recovery facility in dickerson, maryland. the facility is where trash trucks dump waste. it started around 6:30 thursday night and was quickly contained. residents who live nearby may see smoke in the area the next few days. montgomery county officials say trash pickups for residents won't be affected, but commercial pickups will be diverted until the fire is out. funerals are underway for the victims of that warehouse
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sunday, as well as the youngest victim of the december 2nd blaze, 17-year-old dray von mcgill. 37 people in all were killed. the funerals come on the same day the investigators say they have completed their work at the warehouse. a new survey finds some americans are brushing off buying real christmas trees in favor of the artificial variety. 31% of tree buyers opt for the real deal, while 30% prefer a faux fur. 25% alternate year after year. the rest don't bother with a tree. some children at a nova children's hospital will get a special surprise today. ryan kerrigan will be for the redskins will hand out one of a kind build-a-bear's. it's part of his reindeer rush project to give back. he is the founder of the blitz for better f
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service has issued winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for parts of the great lakes and northeast. as of sunday night the storm had dumped more than half a foot on several states in the midwest and great lakes regions causing dangerous travel conditions. chicago area received more than 6 inches of snow as of sunday night and more than 1200 flights were canceled at o'hare airport. in detroit, this jetted skidded off the runway into the snowy grass while landing. luckily, no injuries were reported. dreary today, but we have some extremely cold temperatures coming up this week. >> yes. they're going to be pretty brutal. we are going to be talking about some windchills that are going to be stuck in the teens in the afternoon, if not colder than that. it's going to be turning really cold outside, so savor the 50s on the way this afternoon. did you ever think i would say that, have i savor the
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>> no. >> in d.c. we have dried out. still showers we're tracking in some locations in southern maryland. now temperatures in the 40s in town. in general we've got a lot of 40s showing up and these temperatures continue to climb this afternoon into the 50s. little cooler up towards havingers town, martinsburg, in the middle of that warm air trying to collide with the cold air from the north, kind of in a battle zone where some spots are cooler than others. there are the lingering showers that continue to exit southern maryland and move into the delmarva. into the afternoon we're going to continue drying things out and eventually there will be some hints of sunshine in some spots appearing later this afternoon. tomorrow an isolated rain or snow shower is going to be possible. looking ahead the big talking point is the arctic blast on the way later this week. we're going to see temperatures that will stay below freezing for more than 48 hours. ly
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let's talk about when that is going to arrive. first getting you through the rest of today. few showers linger the next hour or so, then they're out of here. 5:00p.m. sun is already down. might see clear skies tonight. then we get into tomorrow, we're going to see a chance of an isolated rain or snow shower ahead of our next arctic blast moving in. every time we get those cold blasts of air there's that word, polar vortex. what does it have to do with the cold temperatures? it's a circulation up in the atmosphere that contains a lot of cold air. it's normally near the north pole. well, it happens every year, it happens every once in a while where the circulation becomes less strong and part of that circulation allows the cold temperatures to dive southward along with a dip in the jet stream. this is what's going to be happening later this week. as we go through time into tuesday, that's when the really cold temperatures here in red and
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their way into the midwest and then to the northeast, mid- atlantic, as we go into our thursday. check out this temperature drop over the next several days. 50s today. 53 this afternoon. balmy in comparison to what's on the way. 46 tuesday. 45 for wednesday. again, isolated snow or rain shower possible late tomorrow. thursday and friday, temperatures down in the 20s both afternoons. not only is it going to be cold, but thursday will be a very windy day. i want to show you some of these feels like temperatures in some of the models, what they're predicting to give you an idea of how cold it will feel like. it's going to feel like 6 degrees in town, and we might have sub zero windchill possible in the panhandle of west virginia. in the afternoon low double digit windchills as best. luckily friday won't be quite asdy
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friday afternoon. the next three days, yellow weather alert expiring this afternoon. turning really cold thursday, friday and we'll start off the weekend with a possibly wintery mix saturday morning, and saturday afternoon we're going to see rain showers. they'll linger into early sunday morning as well. there's more wusa9 news at noon after this.
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president obama has only a few weeks left in office, so he's taking time to relax and practice his putting skills. his competition, bill murray. >> it's not going to happen. >> it's going to happen long before you make this putt. >> that was a nice stroke. >> you know who i
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play with is jordan spieth. >> oh, come on. >> sorry, it's got to go in. >> president obama white sox fan joked about bill murray's love for the cubs. but it didn't take long for the video to get to the real point, of promoting one of president obama's most important programs, health care. in some neighborhoods there are plenty of homes trying to outdo each other with their outdoor decorations. but it might be hard to beat this display from a family in australia. take a look. ♪ [ playing heavy metal music ] >> can you imagine being their neighbor? the lights have been set to classics like a cdc's thunder struck. the homeowner is doing a ff
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until christmas. merry, merry.
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hollywood award season is underway and with seven golden globe awards nominations, la la land is at the top. >> best motion picture, musical or comedy, 20th century women, dead pool, forest foster jenkins, la la land. best picture trauma, hack saw ridge, hell or high wate
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moon light. >> the nominations reflected a diversity missing from last year's event. the awards will be handed out january 8th. that's it for us at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> chelsea: chloe, what do you think? runway ready? >> chloe: hot off the mannequin. i love it. okay, chunky or lariat? >> chelsea: chunky. absolutely. and the lariat, just in case. >> chloe: you know what? i'm just gonna -- i'm just gonna layer chains just in case. >> chelsea: i like it. >> sharon: do you want a boot or a sandal? >> chelsea: sandals with a heel. >> sharon: oh, we've got that. >> chelsea: all heels today. all day. >> sharon: the higher, the better. >> chloe: yeah, as long as i'm not wearing them. >> chelsea: all right, now for the best sellers. gonna start with this one, make sure there aren't any tags. sharon, can you give me scissors? >> sharon: so am i really still a part of this? >> chloe: hey, we are going live on gc buzz to promote the hottest chelsea 2.0 line yet. so hell to the yeah! right, chelsea?


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